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Behind BREDDY`S modern Crossover pants there are Manuela & Claus Bretschneider. Claus Bretschneider has been working as a successful entrepreneur in the textile and clothing industry for 30 years. The further development of clothing products with high functional properties has been and still is the driving force behind his work. Manuela and Claus Bretschneider, both come from families with "tailoring roots" and have been familiar with cuts, textiles and materials since their childhood. Claus’ father Rainer Bretschneider laid the cornerstone in the 1970s, when he created the famous "B&V pants“ (stretchy ski-pants with a flared cut), which went on to become a real must-have of skiwear.Claus Bretschneider not only has an extensive knowledge of each single garment production process, but he also possesses high-level implementation skills thanks to his versatile and long-time expertise in the garment industry. With the new Breddy's Crossover pants, the family is now setting a new milestone. Bretschneider‘s pants are known for their fitting, functionality and comfort. As a family business, the team stands for quality, trust and sustainability.