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Stylish crossover pants with a perfect fit: learn more about our men's and women's products here.

Slim or regular fit, chino, five pocket or classic: our range of crossover pants caters to every style. Incidentally, all of our pants are made exclusively in Europe, and we deliberately don't use cotton. All raw materials are sourced entirely in Europe and certified according to bluesign, REACH and OEKO-TEX.

BREDDY'S BIOS+: for unparalleled functionality and sustainability. Or: the classy way to embrace sustainability.

Want to take things a step further? Discover the BIOS+ range of BREDDY'S: crossover pants made with ricinus oil extracted from the Wonder Tree. A plant that thrives on wasteland and which requires no use of pesticides or chemicals whatsoever. Cultivation of the castor oil plant has no impact at all on areas of agricultural land used for the production of food.

The result: pants that are unsurpassed in terms of combining all the functional and ecological qualities of BREDDY'S. The ultimate marriage of classy design, comfort, functionality and eco-friendliness.


BREDDY'S crossover pants also come in a BIOS range. They are made using oil extracted from the Wonder Tree. Its seeds are used to produce ricinus oil, from which the synthetic fibres are then made. There are several advantages to the Wonder Tree: it is suitable for cultivation on extremely barren land and therefore has no impact whatsoever on agricultural land used for the production of food. Its cultivation requires no use of pesticides or chemicals. And furthermore, the seeds used in the production of biopolymers are certified non-GMO.


What makes our fibres so special is that they are based on ricinus oil. The castor oil plant ("Ricinus communis") is a renewable resource. Because it can grow on very barren land, there is no conflict between its cultivation and the production of food. In future, the only raw materials used in our manufacturing process will be plant oils. We only ever select plants that are, like the castor oil plant, sustainable. Together with our suppliers, we are constantly working towards identifying new, resource-friendly technologies so that we can improve the manufacturing process.


5 BILLION HA: Pasture – 3.5 bn ha (70%) Food and feed – 1.24 bn ha (26%) Material use – 106 mln ha (2%), of which Bioplastics 1.2 mln ha (0.002%) Biofuels – 53 mln ha (1%) The land area used to grow crops for bioplastics accounts for less than 0.02% of the global agricultural area. Picture a tiny cherry tomato next to the Eiffel Tower! Which means that bioplastics are not in competition with food and feed.


Our crossover pants are manufactured exclusively in Europe and made from raw materials sourced entirely in Europe. We place a premium on having dependable partners who take their responsibilities towards people and the environment very seriously. We are in constant dialogue with our partners in order to ensure the highest possible quality. Together we continually monitor and optimise production processes and conditions. COTTON ALTERNATIVE We have deliberately avoided cotton, preferring instead to use only functional materials. Synthetic fibres are superior in terms of wearing properties and are more eco-friendly. Meanwhile the production of cotton involves significant amounts of water, use of pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetic manipulation. ECO-CERTIFIED All of our raw materials are certified according to bluesign, REACH and OEKO-TEX. This ensures that only eco-friendly materials are used.


Specialising in the manufacture of crossover pants has enabled us to tap into a niche in the clothing market. Our expertise stems from over 30 years in the business and a successful track record in the development and manufacture of functional clothing. Production is driven by sustainability, innovation and the nurturing of long-term partnerships. All manufacturing processes, including those of our suppliers, are exclusively Europe-based. All raw materials are sourced entirely in Europe. We observe standards to ensure transparency. The design of our models never changes in terms of shape and fit, while the details are continually refined.


Specially developed for outdoors & indoors; Optimum comfort thanks to perfect fit; Durable material; Water-repellent and stain-resistant, breathable, thermo- and temperature-regulating; 100% European; Sustainable, fair & responsible treatment of people and the environment.

White Line: a separate range specially developed for the medical industry and for anyone who likes to wear white.