The New Pants: what makes BREDDY'S so unique.

100% Made in Europe

BREDDY'S crossover pants are manufactured exclusively in Europe. And all of our raw materials are sourced entirely in Europe. We enjoy an exceptional relationship with all of our partners, who, like us, take their responsibilities towards people and the environment very seriously.

Sustainable materials

In our choice of materials we have deliberately avoided cotton, preferring instead to use only synthetic fibres. Firstly, because synthetic fibres these days are much improved in terms of wearing properties, and secondly - and most importantly - for environmental reasons. The production of cotton involves significant amounts of water, the use of pesticides and fertilizers, as well as genetic manipulation. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, are based on crude oil, utilising just 0.8% of annual worldwide consumption. In the near future, plant oils will be the only raw materials used in the manufacture of BREDDY'S. And the plants we use will be of the kind that can be cultivated on barren land. This will ensure that manufacture has no impact whatsoever on agricultural land used for the production of food.

Responsible, eco-friendly manufacture

All manufacturing processes, including those of our suppliers, are exclusively Europe-based. Together with our suppliers, we are constantly working towards identifying new, resource-friendly technologies. Our suppliers invest regularly in initiatives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of their manufacturing processes.

Certified materials

All of the materials used to make our BREDDY's pants are certified according to bluesign, REACH and OEKO-TEX. This guarantees that manufacture is entirely free of any substances that could cause harm to the environment.

Maximum comfort

Under the motto "The spirit of any pair of pants lies in the cut", we have been passionately developing perfectly fitting pants for several decades already. What also sets BREDDY'S apart is that the materials used are especially lightweight. The result: a unique pair of pants that feel amazingly comfortable to wear.

Functional material

BREDDY'S crossover pants are specifically designed to be worn every day, all day - breathable, ergonomic, water-repellent, thermo-regulating and quick-drying. The ideal partner from morning til night!

Distinctive trademark

The coloured belt loop is the trademark of every pair of BREDDY'S crossover pants - and the badge of the ever growing BREDDY'S community.