Where others merely talk about sustainability, we live and breathe it: what inspires us.

To develop the kind of pants that are right for any occasion, that busy people simply love to wear, pants that people love. And which are stylish, hardwearing, and manufactured responsibly according to exemplary standards: this is what sets BREDDY'S apart.

To create a pair of pants that meets everyone's needs - stylish design, extremely comfortable, rugged, produced in line with fair, eco- and resource-friendly manufacturing principles, and made from locally sourced materials: this is the philosophy behind BREDDY'S crossover pants. Launched in 2016, our pants are the answer to an increasing demand for clothing that successfully combines style, function and sustainability.

In designing BREDDY'S, we have addressed the needs and demands of the modern-day consumer. Something which is underlined by the awards we have already won for innovation and sustainability. And reinforced by the ever growing community of BREDDY'S wearers who could no longer imagine going about their busy day-to-day lives without a pair of BREDDY'S pants - for work, leisure or sport. Why not join the community?