Our brand name BREDDY’S comes from the owners’ surname Bretschneider.

Yes, our claim is to do everything right with pants for our customers. That’s why we focus only on pants.

BREDDY’S crossover pants are the first to fuse functional materials with fashionable styles.
They are 100% made in Europe under sustainable and fair conditions.
And BREDDY’S only makes crossover pants. That sets us apart from the others.
The two prestigious awards we got in the first year of existence at ISPO’s (Brand New Award – Cathegory Athleisure) and for our CSR business philosophy (Trigos Award 2017 for “Best CSR Newcomer”) recognize our special features.

BREDDY’S combines stylish cuts that can be worn every day and on every occasion with functional materials.

BREDDY’S are the accomplished all-rounder, day or night, in any situation. They are made of high-quality materials, so no matter what the day brings, they look always great thanks to an ergonomic design and perfect cut. On top of it they are breathable, thermos and climate-regulating, wind-proof, water-repellent, stain-resistant, quick drying and wind resistant. And they are very easy to maintain and extremely durable.

In our choice of materials we have deliberately avoided cotton, preferring instead to use only the more eco-friendly synthetic fibers. Production processes and conditions are continually monitored and strictly controlled to ensure high quality and sustainability across the entire manufacturing chain. Our production requirements can be reliably met in Europe, that is the reason why just everything at BREDDY’S is produced in Europe, from the yarns to the last pinprick.

We developed our product idea because we were missing the advantages of functional materials when wearing everyday pants. More than 2 years passed by from this starting point to its realization. Only after we finalized the product, the cuts and the supply chain, we took the decision to go in the market. Incidentally, the development and the cutting technique are done entirely in our headquarters, i.e. in Austria.

Behind BREDDY’S stand people with decades of experience in the development of high-quality pants cuts. Furthermore, during the two years of the product realization, we paid meticulous attention to every detail, optimizing all cuts several times and adapting them to the chosen material.

From the fiber to the final garment, all BREDDY’S materials come 100% from Europe. The manufacture of our pants take place entirely in Europe, through trusted partners who share our values and who are socially and environmentally responsible. All manufacturing companies – most of them are family businesses – are regularly visited by us. We personally monitor the production processes and conditions to ensure high quality and sustainability across the entire manufacturing chain.

Castor oil is a perfect alternative to cotton because it grows on barren soil and requires little water and no pesticide use. For this reason, the cultivation of the castor oil plant has no impact at all on areas of agricultural land used for the production of food.

We are currently using 3 different types of fabrics: BASIC (mostly for the summer), STRONG (mostly for the winter), and BIOS + (for the whole year)

The main difference lies in the feel of the fabric: BIOS+ are particularly soft to the touch. On top of it this fabric has a larger temperature window than the other ones, making their thermos-regulating feature even more efficient. This means that BIOS+ are ideal for both summer and winter seasons.

  1. The high quality of the materials is proven by their high durability: the material wear is extremely low, implying that BREDDY’S will keep their shape for a long time.
  2. The environmentally friendly jet dyeing, which consumes little water, leads to high color fastness – BREDDY’S keep their original color even after having worn them for a long time.
  3. BREDDY’S keep their high-performance even after many washes. Their hardwearing feature can be further prolonged by ironing at low temperature.