The joy of creating something unique: a word from the founders.

It's what everyone wants from a pair of pants: a high-quality product that is both comfortable and functional - and also smart enough to wear every day and to any occasion, from a bike ride to a business meeting.

And that's exactly what our pants offer. But it doesn't end there; because our aim is to make BREDDY'S the best possible pants you can buy. And these days it's not just about the highest quality, best fit and ultimate design, it also includes a fully sustainable product concept; we haven't inherited the earth from our parents, it's simply on loan from our children.
Compared with most conventional pants, for example, the manufacture of BREDDY'S does not require high amounts of water, involves no use of fertilizers and pesticides, and is entirely free of genetic manipulation. Likewise, no areas of agricultural land that are urgently needed for the production of food are affected. At the same time, BREDDY'S are designed to be especially hardwearing. Which means our crossover pants are a genuine contribution to making our world that little bit better. Isn't it time you discovered for yourself what makes BREDDY'S so unique? We hope we've inspired you.


Manuela and Claus Bretschneider

Founders and owners